“Zelie Kuliaikanu’u is an original. Her own
life journey is authentic and inspiring.
To study with this wise Kumu (teacher) is to invite transformation.”

Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author

“An extraordinary opportunity to study the Hawaiian tradition with a woman of great knowledge, integrity, and experience.
Very, very, highly recommended.”

Brugh Joy, MD – Author, Joy’s Way

“Brilliant, penetrating and honest – Zelie carries the depth of the ocean from where she was born – Molokai – the Hawaiian island where for millennia Kahuna converged to ritualize, cleanse, heal and regenerate themselves and those they were tending to. Steeped in Hawaiian tradition, she also carries South American shamanic energies, and has an eye to see through the “maya” with an open heart.”

Maria Elena Cairo

“I would recommend spending time in Hawaii with Zelie as the perfect teacher in getting to know the deep river of love that flows, enlivens and heals, and it is called Aloha. It is a simple word that opens into a Universe.”

Marsha Sheldon

Zelie as Preceptor of Energy Medicine and Ho’oponopono…

Fourth-year medical students in the Integrative Medicine Elective rotation come to Tucson for one month to study with leaders in the field of integrative medicine. Started in 1997, the program offers an in-depth study of botanicals, homeopathy, mind/body, naturopathy, nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, and energy medicine.

Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students – about being with Zelie…

“Zelie’s pure transformative voice offered me the place of stillness to discover my own. Her magic is heartful presence, whether in simple silence, spoken word, musical melody, or boundless creativity. She will assuredly assist you in your own journey into the Mystery.”

Rakesh Sarma, MD

Thank you for having us to your house and for leading us in the Ho’oponopono ceremony. It was a beautiful afternoon and I appreciate your guidance and wisdom. I am very interested in learning more about reading images, energy medicine, and also finding a spiritual counselor as I embark on my family medicine residency program at UCSF.  Thank you again for opening my heart and mind today.


I just wanted to write a short note to thank you again for all your generosity during the Integrative Medicine rotation in Tucson. Your presence itself was healing! I also appreciated your hospitality and teaching during the ho’oponopono session at your house. It was such a beautiful ceremony and impacted me in many ways! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

best wishes

“With Zelie, I went almost immediately into a tremendously open awareness,
experiencing a consciousness expansion that I have been able
to both carry with me and reach for ever since.”

Jennifer Agosta, MD

More praise from Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine participants…

“Thank you!
For turning our world
upside down and
landing us on our feet”

AzCIM Fall rotation 2011

“Just being in Zelie’s environment feels good, and then she shows you how to create a healing environment within;
she works with love to facilitate innate healing.”

K. O., UAMC-South Psychiatry resident

“Your insight into my own and my classmates’ hearts and families was incredible.  It seems you truly LISTEN to the person, allow there to be a space of silence, and even in that silence listen to what is underneath their words and to the cries of their spirit that are not in words, but that they bring in just as keenly.”

With gratitude,
L. B. M.  OMS-IV

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