Zelie Kuliaikanu’u Duvauchelle

Zelie Duvauchelle is a gifted healer and musician. Her healing work is Soul Work. She works with the essence of people and the patterns or archetypes that live through them. She lives on the islands of Molokai and Maui, facilitates healing groups, and leads residential healing retreats independently and with her partner Lucia Maya.


As Hawaiians we are the holders of Aloha. This is our kuleana (soul’s purpose, responsibility, and privilege.) – Zelie

Zelie Kuliaikanu’u Duvauchelle has a private healing practice based on the Hawaiian islands Moloka’i and Maui. She offers individual consultations in person, via skype or by phone. Her residential healing and spiritual retreats, and her spiritual mentoring programs take place at her home on the beach in rural Hawaii. She also teaches classes throughout the continental United States and abroad.

Using a Hawaiian conflict resolution process called Ho’oponopono, Zelie specializes in working with family relationships, addictions, depression, and grief. She teaches awareness of family entanglements and Soul patterns and provides you with intuitive insights into your current dynamics. The insights that often come while working with Zelie open doors and provide the keys you need for the transformation you are seeking. Zelie also works with dream interpretation and uses sound and music as a medium for transformation. She has the ability to invoke deep spiritual transformation with her voice, using chanting and song in both Hawaiian and English, and often accompanying herself on the Ukulele.

Oceanic Presence, a form of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Ho’oponopono, Spiritual Counseling, Energy healing- including Reiki, Deeksha, and Sound Healing, Initiations, Mentoring, and Custom designed Healing Ceremonies and Residential Retreats, are methods Zelie uses to assist you in finding your personal path to wholeness.

If you have questions regarding any of the services offered, please inquire and Zelie will be happy to answer your questions.

Hawaiian Energy Healing with Zelie

  • Bringing Aloha to the greater collective with Hawaiian and other mystical teachings.
  • Musical/vibrational healing, using oli and mele, chant and song, as a medium for transformation while working with revealing our souls yearning.
  • Sound as a powerful influence on our minds and our bodies. It has the ability to break up long held patterns of energy and transcends time and space.
  • Organizing sound in a way to effect healing is an art that Hawaiians took very seriously. Poets and singers were revered for the layering of meaning, kaona, in their chants and songs.
  • Hawaiian mystical teachings are unique and universal. “In my travels and studies of many healing and spiritual traditions I have found the pulse of all traditions come from the same Heart.”

Healing retreats in Hawaii

In Hawaii Healing Retreats, we will sit together in circle, chant in Hawaiian, learn about each other and ourselves, explore the layers of what it is to be human at this time on our planet and in our universe. We will look at our lives from a personal and transpersonal perspective, dive deep into our collective values to see what is worth retrieving and what we can let go of.


Musical healing and story telling journey

Hawaiian ukulele songstress Zelie Kuliaikanu’u Duvauchelle enchants with her voice and lyrics. From the island of Molokai, Hawaii, she shares music from the heart, that heals your soul.

Zelie discovered the gift of her unique, resonant, powerful voice when married to a musician who insisted she learn a song to sing at family gatherings. Though she was terrified by the prospect, we are blessed that she pushed through her fear and started to sing! This began more than 30 years of singing, songwriting, playing ukulele, guitar, didgeridoo, ipu, and many other instruments.

In her twenties, Zelie received a grant from the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts to apprentice with Master Hawaiian Falsetto Singer, Clyde (Kindy) Sproat, named an NEA National Heritage Fellow. This experience continues to influence and inform her life and her music. Since then, she has performed for audiences in Hawaii and the mainland, from house concerts, to backyard kanikapila (jam sessions), to an audience of 9,000 fans.

Her songwriting comes from a deep connection with the ancestors and helps create a bridge with the other worlds. When one of her first songs written in Hawaiian “came through”, she did not know some of the words and their full meaning, and needed to have a fluent Hawaiian speaker confirm that it was, in fact, correct. This song, Ka’apuni O Moloka’i, tells the story of her incredible experience of paddling a canoe around her home island of Molokai, and is on her latest CD Hū!

The brilliance of her writing, the deep layered meanings (kaona), and the stories they tell are enhanced by the beauty and vibration of her extraordinary voice. Zelie is also a healer, teacher and facilitator of transformational consciousness work. She weaves together her insights, unique experience, vision and music to create profound shifts and healing.


For groups…

She presents traditional songs and chants, weaving stories and teaching to effect a transformative experience. All of this is done in an artful and playful style to give the participants a taste of the ancient and contemporary Hawaii.






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