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Creativity and the Rain

Today I went swimming in the rain. When I say swimming I mean moving fluidly in the ocean. It’s the kind of thing most people don’t think to do. When it’s raining most of us automatically think of staying inside. It’s this kind of automatic response that limits us in many ways including with our […]

Music of Molokaʻi

Molokai Musician series – Molokai Dispatch – 2016 Zelie Duvauchelle was born and raised in Puko’o, east end Moloka’i.  She is currently working on her album entitled “Hu”, which means ‘to pour forth’. For the last twenty years she has been performing, composing songs, and preparing for this album. Duvauchelle’s big news is that her […]

Ho’oponopono and Healing Addictions

It is common knowledge that experiences in our early years play an important role in brain and behavioral development. Ho’oponopono looks at past memories, traumas and stresses (I refer to them as entanglements) as the cause of a diversity of illnesses. The emotional patterns we learn beginning in the womb and then as small children – […]

Easy Meditation

For so many years I heard about meditation and how good it is for us. I tried many times to start a practice with no success. Believing meditation was not for me, I gave up trying and became the occasional meditator. Then in December of 2012, while reading a newsletter from a vedic astrologer with […]

Sea Salt Cleansing Ritual

Sunrise House Clearing Ritual Salt Cleansing Ritual #1 Just before sunrise, (starting in the east corner) circumambulate the house tossing sprinkles of salt and offering prayers for the things you want to come to fruition while in that house, and of course gratitude for the house. Timing it so the sun is just rising as […]

Ha – The Breath of Life

A simple breathing practice… Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, expanding your belly and your back as you count to 4 Suspend the in breath as you count to 4 Exhale slowly through your mouth using the Ha sound, while pulling in your naval, piko, toward your spine as you count to 4 Suspend the out breath […]

A nice post

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