Today I went swimming in the rain. When I say swimming I mean moving fluidly in the ocean. It’s the kind of thing most people don’t think to do. When it’s raining most of us automatically think of staying inside. It’s this kind of automatic response that limits us in many ways including with our creativity.

Actually, I was going to get wet if I swam while it was raining or not raining. When I get these promptings to do things that I “normally” wouldn’t do and I follow them, I’ve noticed it makes me very happy. Itʻs the kind of happy that comes from the inside and moves out, and I feel connected.

Connected to what you ask? Whatever it is I’m doing that’s outside the box of my normal response. There’s a newness that my brain loves, my whole body and being loves it.

That’s one of the rewards of doing things that make us happy, feeling connected. It’s like escaping from a prison, the prison of responding the same way every time and being disconnected.

I haven’t by any means mastered this and I’ve made a commitment to follow it when I’m able, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Swimming in the rain can be uncomfortable…and joyous.

I love to sing when I’m swimming. I call it going for a SwimSing, and it wakes me up, it’s one of the times I feel most alove. That was a “typo” … ha!

I’m uncomfortable at first, especially before I get in the ocean and I can feel each raindrop as it touches my dry warm body.

Inevitably I move into joy, if I stick with it. That’s the part, the sticking with it when it’s uncomfortable, that’s when I find that deep joy.

I think we all want to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. For me it’s when I’m in communion with nature, I get that feeling.

I’m aware there are many of us who would not find joy in swimming in the rain. That’s not the point. The point is to find what it is that opens us into something vast, something we didn’t even know we were longing for.


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  1. Pele
    Pele says:

    Chee whoo,

    I love surfing in the rain, the crowds thin out and the water seems to be a little warmer.

    Your feet and legs are dangling freely in the salt water below and you get rinsed from the rain above.

    It cleanses you spiritually

    Aloha cuz Mark


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