Ha – The Breath of Life

A simple breathing practice…

  • Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, expanding your belly and your back as you count to 4
  • Suspend the in breath as you count to 4
  • Exhale slowly through your mouth using the Ha sound, while pulling in your naval, piko, toward your spine as you count to 4
  • Suspend the out breath as you count to 4
  • Repeat for a total of 4 rounds

In the Hawaiian language “Ha” is the word for breath and also for the number 4. That’s what makes this practice so easy to remember.

If you can remember to simply slow down and do 4 breaths many times throughout the day, it can bring you present to the moment, relieve stress, promote vibrant health, and awaken unrealized potential.

The Breath of Life is the vehicle to the healing presence within each of us.

It is wise to give any practice you are beginning a period of 90 days. Make notes in your journal of your state before you begin, and during the 90 day practice. At the end of 90 days read your notes and celebrate the changes that have taken place by treating yourself to a celebratory meal.



  1. This is a wonderful and simple practice – thank you for the reminder!

    • Thanks Lucia,
      I find that if I check in several times daily and do this practice I become more present and I feel like whatever I do is purposeful.
      Breathe on…AloHA

  2. Thank you for sharing this simple “Ha”.
    I love that AloHA.

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