Reiki Classes

Zelie Duvauchelle, Reiki, Energy Healing, Hawaii Reiki – Maui and Molokai

Activate the Healer Within

  • Promotes Health and Well Being in Medical Environments
  • Enhances and Compliments Traditional Treatments
  • Empowers the Patient
  • Promotes Healing

Reiki Classes: Level 1, 2, Advanced and Master

Transformation through Initiation

  • Self-Treatment Reduces Stress
  • Supports Personal Growth
  • Augments the Energy Body

Reiki Level I Class – Maui & Molokai

In this Reiki class you will deepen your ability to heal yourself and others, through being attuned to channel gentle, powerful, universal healing energies through your hands. Even if you have never consciously done any healing work before, you will leave the class with the Reiki energies forever available to you.  If your work is already in health and wellness, Reiki can deeply enhance your practice, and this class may begin a new direction in your life’s work…

Call or email Zelie to reserve your space.

Reiki Level II Class – Maui & Molokai

For anyone who has received the Reiki Level One attunement, this is an opportunity to dive more deeply into the Divine healing energies of Usui Reiki.

The format is similar to our Reiki Level One Classes, with teaching in the morning and hands-on practice in the afternoon, following a lunch break.  The class size is kept small for individual attention, plenty of time to address questions and to practice on each other, and to experience sending distance healing as well.

In our comfortable home in Makawao, Maui, as well as Moloka’i, Hawaii, and other locations. Contact us if you’d like to host a class!

Call or email Zelie to reserve your space.

Reiki Level 3 Class – Master Attunement and Teacher Training in Hawaii & Tucson

For those who are deeply committed to going deeper and ready to move to a new level…

This Reiki Master class requires a commitment to yourself and your healing process.  Now is the time to go inward and discover if you are being called to this next level of spiritual growth, deepening, and increasing your ability as a channel for Reiki healing energy… You can take the course and use these enhanced abilities for your healing work on yourself, family, friends and clients, and will have all you need for whenever you are ready to teach Reiki and offer attunements.

This class is appropriate for you if you want to take your own healing abilities to the next level, and/or, if you are ready to expand into the possibility of teaching your own students. You must have the Reiki II attunement, and I ask that you have been doing both self-healing with Reiki, as well as practicing on others, before you take this class.  You must be able to use the Reiki symbols and the names with ease as well.

Call or email Zelie to reserve

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Karuna® Reiki Master Training on Maui

Attune to the Attributes of Compassionate Action

  • Reiki of Compassion
  • 3 Levels of Initiation
  • 12 Symbols

For Reiki Masters who want to take their inner and outer healing work to an ever greater depth, with Avalokiteshvara and Quan Yin, goddesses of Compassion as our guiding force. You learn 12 symbols in this intensive, 2 day course, with 3 levels of attunements, including the teacher/Master level, so you will be able to teach Karuna Reiki yourself!

Karuna Reiki taught by Lucia Maya.

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