Hawaii Healing Retreats

Healing Retreats on Molokai with Zelie

Watch Video of Zelie talking about her work.

In my own experience I have found that a focused time immersed in self discovery with other like-minded individuals can be equivalent to 6 months to a year of therapy.                                                                                                        ~Zelie

Explore your inner landscape as well as the outer beauty of Hawaii. These custom and small group retreats are designed to meet you where you are and help move you into an expanded awareness and happiness in your everyday life. We explore healing through ritual, depth consciousness work, ho’oponopono – ancestral healing, play in the ocean, and travel to sacred sites.

Each group is unique, while maintaining a heart centered theme of connecting to land, the spirit of Aloha, ourselves, and each other.

Choose from these Hawaii Healing Retreat Intensives with Zelie Duvauchelle exclusively or in conjunction with Lucia Maya.

In a small group setting we have time to explore each participant’s personal journey and provide the opportunity for you to make lasting changes in your life.

For groups of three or more we begin our journey together with an afternoon/evening session (including dinner) on the first day. Please arrive with enough time to settle in before our first gathering. We finish with a morning session and brunch on the last day. It is recommended to have a meal together giving time to integrate before you fly.

Typically, the meals included are…dinner on the first day, lunch for each of the middle days, and brunch on the last day. Please take this into consideration when making your airline reservations. Note: Meals are included with groups of 3 or more. Meals are not included for private retreats for singles or couples.

Puko’o, the retreat location, is on the southeastern shore of Moloka’i, about 26 miles from the airport and 16 miles from Kaunakakai, Molokai’s main town. You can rent a car from Alamo at the Ho’olehua airport or Molokaicars.com, or Mobettah car rentals both local companies. We also have friends who rent their extra car, ask if that interests you.

Please be sure we have your flight information…the airport code for the airport is MKK. Zelie’s cell phone number is (808) 558-8207 (texting is best) and cell phone reception is good for the most part. Lucia’s cell phone is (808) 866-8246. Make sure you have free roaming in Hawai’i, most companies do.

WHAT TO BRING: These are suggestions only…

  • Swimsuit, Hat, Environmentally friendly Sun Protection, easily removable footwear (Flip-flops, Tevas or Keens type work wonderfully)
  • Journal or Notebook
  • One set of clothes/swimsuit you don’t mind getting muddy/stained with red earth
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable cool clothing
  • An Open Heart and Beginners Mind

You won’t need much. Shorts or sarong, tank tops, a long sleeve t-shirt if it gets cool, a light sweater perhaps, jeans if you want, a swimsuit, hat if you’re a hat person. There’s some generic shampoos that other guests have left, if you’re not picky, no worries. No need to bring soap or any towels, we got that covered.

Make sure to bring any specialty foods, coffee, bars, special tea.
We have salt and pepper, cooking oil, and those kind of basics.
Lodging included for groups of four or more.
Some people bring those Indian packaged meals from Trader Joe’s for a quick dinner. That’s the kind of thing you won’t be able to get here. Nuts and dried fruit are always a good snack to bring and travel easy. All the fresh stuff you can get here.
A journal is worth bringing, and your favorite kind of pen.

Custom Spiritual Retreats with Zelie & Lucia

You would need to take care of lodging, transportation and food (we can give suggestions for lodging and car rental options).

We usually find 2 sessions each day, of 90 minutes to 2 hours, works well, still giving plenty of time to rest, swim and be. One session can be with both of us, and the other can be with one of us, alternating days so you work with each of us individually. 2019 Retreats ~ Contact Zelie ~ Singles, Couples, or Small Groups

Spiritual Retreats ~ co-facilitated with Lucia Maya

Call/Text ~ 808-558-8207 or email: zelie@zelied.com

Hawaiian Healing Island – Molokai – 4 days, 3 nights, on Molokai

(prices reflect accommodation type, with the range being oceanfront private room – to shared room with one other person – twin beds)

Inquire about discounts for couples!

The ancient goddess Hina – protecting and guiding force of Molokai – will support us as we weave our dreams and our hearts to replenish and renew our relationship to nature and ourselves. The ancient sages (kahuna) of Hawaii chose Molokai as the place for purification, healing, and rebirth. Come join us at our temple by the sea for retreat and renewal. See photos of accommodations here.

Some of the many possible gifts:

  • journey to the hei’au (sacred Hawaiian temple – weather permitting) and other sacred sites for ritual and offerings
  • create mandalas on the beach
  • learn about divination
  • travel to a secluded beach for a cleansing ritual and fun
  • learn tales of old Hawai’i
  • eat fabulous, nourishing, organic food
  • play in the ocean every day, allowing the clear blue water to wash away what is no longer needed
  • fire ritual on the beach

Providing unique and equally valuable perspectives both Lucia and Zelie offer you the opportunity to gain insight into what your next steps may be in this opportune time of excelled growth.

Zelie Duvauchelle, Hawaii Healing Retreats

Lucia Maya and Zelie Duvauchelle

Where: Molokai, Hawai’i  (a short flight from O’ahu, or Maui)

Includes all workshop sessions, facilitated by Molokai native Zelie Duvauchelle and her partner, Lucia Maya; retreat sessions at their beach front home; and one nutritious organic meal per day. Does not include airfare. Renting a car is recommended – taxi service is available from the airport.

50% non-refundable deposit due upon registration, balance due 30 days prior to your retreat. No refunds unless we can fill your space.

To register: contact Zelie Duvauchelle at 808-558-8207 or email Zelie.  Register early, space is limited!

Ukulele and Vocal Retreat – Beginners Welcome!

Call/Text ~ 808-558-8207 email zelie for more information

Join us at our ocean-front home on Molokai for Ukulele Playing and Exploring Vocals through chant and song

~ Singing ~ Chanting ~ Talk Story ~ Heart Centered Meditation ~ Hawaiian Music  ~  Transformation ~ Throat Chakra Opening

Zelie is a gifted teacher and singer/songwriter, and creates sacred space where others connect with their own voice and heart.

Custom Healing Retreats ~ Molokai with Zelie

This is “a la carte”, so you would need to take care of lodging, transportation and food (we can give suggestions for lodging and car rental options).

Contact Zelie

Weekend Healing Retreats ~ 2019 ~ Choose your weekend!

This is “a la carte”, so you would need to take care of lodging, transportation and food (we can give suggestions for lodging and car rental options).

4 days, 3 nights…Molokai retreats with Zelie

Policy for all retreats:

50% non-refundable deposit due upon registration, balance due 30 days prior to your retreat.

No refunds unless we can fill your space.

Some examples of past custom retreats:

A couple, both in their 60s and in the medical field, came to explore with each other what will come next in their relationship. He was coming up on retirement in a few years and she had just had a medical diagnosis that needed careful attention.

 A woman in her 50s who’s last child was about to leave home for college, came to commune with herself in nature without distraction, and ask what were her deep yearnings now that her mothering years were changing and demanding less of her attention.

A woman in her 30s who had spent her past 10 years as an academic came to develop her underlying skills as a healer.

Three professional women, all on similar spiritual paths, came to explore together their desire for a richer experience in their careers and personal lives.

 Video of past Hawaii Healing Retreats with Zelie and Lucia

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