Healing through Chant, Song, and Story – Songha

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Hawaiian Energy Medicine – Ho’oponopono – Spiritual Guidance – Reiki

My one on one sessions are an hour and a half in person – one hour for phone or FaceTime or Skype . We begin with “talk story” where I get to hear what you are seeking. I use intuition as well as deep listening along with guidance I receive from your guides or ancestors to facilitate shifts. Sometimes the messages are loud and clear and other times they are more subtle. It is my belief that our guides, angels, ancestors, whatever name you give them, know exactly what we need. Some individuals need to sit with what they are struggling with, while others need a really clear jolt of clarity.

The sessions bring clarity, if not during, then shortly after. It is common to have movement in ones life from a place of being stuck to a place of knowing what to do next.

Zelie Duvauchelle – Energy Healing

Personalized Rituals and Retreats on Molokai or Maui

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Ho’oponopono on Molokai or Maui

Every culture has a process for clearing in preparation for an influx of higher spiritual knowledge and a greater connection to life. An honest inventory of our hurts in relationships, especially with family and significant other, is a fundamental step towards healing ourselves, our families, and ultimately our community.

In these group sessions Zelie works with each participant to disentangle from a relationship with a person, place, or thing.


Reiki on Molokai or Maui

Activate the Healer Within – through the Reiki attunement process

  • Promotes Health and Well Being
  • Enhances and Compliments Traditional Treatments
  • Empowers the Patient
  • Promotes Healing

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