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Explore your inner landscape as well as the outer beauty of Hawaii. These custom individual and small group retreats are designed to meet you where you are. All activities are intended to help move you into an expanded awareness and authenticity of self. We explore healing through ritual, initiation, dream work, inquiry, and humor.

Each group is unique, while maintaining a heart centered theme of connecting to land, the spirit of Aloha, ourselves, and each other.

Hawaii Healing Retreat Intensives with Zelie Duvauchelle exclusively or in conjunction with Lucia Maya will certainly invite transformation.

In an individual or small group setting we have time to explore your personal journey and provide the opportunity for you to make lasting changes in your life.

In my own experience I have found that a focused time immersed in self discovery with other like-minded individuals can be equivalent to 6 months to a year of therapy.                                                                                                        ~Zelie

Some examples of past custom retreats:

A couple, both in their 60s and in the medical field, came to explore with each other what will come next in their relationship. He was coming up on retirement in a few years and she had just had a medical diagnosis that needed careful attention.

A woman in her 50s who’s last child was about to leave home for college, came to commune with herself in nature without distraction, and ask what were her deep yearnings now that her mothering years were changing and demanding less of her attention.

A woman in her 30s who had spent her past 10 years as an academic came to develop her underlying skills as a healer.

Three professional women, all on similar spiritual paths, came to explore together their desire for a richer experience in their careers and personal lives.

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