Ukulele Music Retreats

~Ukulele Retreat on Molokai – Play, Sing, Chant and Swim~

Zelie has the heart and soul of Hawaii in her bones. She carries the gift of induction through voice, and teaches ukulele in the mentor/apprentice style.
There will be some soft music theory, practicing the art of listening and following along, and jam sessions as well.
Some songs and most chants will be presented in the Hawaiian language.
For the jam sessions bring your favorite songs to share!
Born and raised on Molokai, Zelie then spent 20 years on the continental US. She returned to Molokai in 2012 to live in her ancestral home on Puko’o beach where the sessions take place.  She weaves voice, ukulele, chanting and storytelling for a musical healing experience in these Ukulele Retreats.
Join Zelie for an Ukulele Retreat in Hawaii!
Email Zelie for more information or to register for her next Ukulele Retreat!
Or text Zelie @ 808-558-8207

~ 5 days of Ukulele and Singing on a White Sandy Beach on Molokai~ Inquire about dates

All sessions and class materials included

Join us at for this Ukulele Retreat at our ocean-front home on Molokai for Ukulele Playing and Exploring Vocals through chant and song

~ Singing ~ Chanting ~ Talk Story ~ Heart Centered Meditation ~ Hawaiian Music  ~  Transformation ~ Throat Chakra Opening
Zelie is a gifted teacher and singer/songwriter, and creates sacred space where others connect with their own voice and heart.

Email Zelie to reserve your space or for more info about her Ukulele Retreats! Or text her at  808-558-8207

Hu! Zelie’s new album – Click Here to purchase!

Singer and composer Zelie’s first professionally produced album of originals and traditional Hawaiian songs is now available!

Now on Pandora!!! – Zelie Kuliaikanuʻu Duvauchelle Station

Here’s the original video from the Kickstarter campaign:

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Contact Zelie by text at 808-558-8207.

Dearest Zelie! The moment I heard you singing and playing at our retreat on the Big Island a few years ago, I know you were so very special! I feel so very honored to be a part of your effort to share your gifts. Musical gifts like yours must be shared……that is what brings joy to the heart and a common connection amongst us all. Bravo for you! Love, Hilda

Congratulations Zelie. It was wonderful to see you last month at the Hui. There was no doubt in our minds that you would reach your goal. We are so grateful for your gifts and your willingness to share.

E Homai ~ Hawaiian Chant/Meditation CDukulele retreats, E Homai, Zelie Duvauchelle, CD

Zelie Duvauchelle’s CD is available to purchase @ CDBaby

Chanting is the ancient language of the people of this land,  Hawai’i. This CD is poetic and mystical with deep vibrations that bring us home to the earth beings that we are.

“If you want to embody your spiritual practice sit with this incredibly grounding voice. What is evident is that this chantress is connected to the subterranean pulse of being and has the ability to transport the listener there with her. ”

Zelie’s recording of Aunty Edith Kanakaole’s chant is calling to the ancestral and elemental unseen forces to be present with you, with us, now.  The recording can be used for meditation, healing sessions, and grounding.

Buy or download here!

Part of proceeds go to Edith Kanaka’ole Foundation

When Zelie sings a divine wind blows into one’s heart….

Margaret Williams, MD

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