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Aloha and welcome! My name is Zelie Kūliaikanuʻu Duvauchelle, and I have been consciously engaged in the Energy Healing field since attending my first Self Actualization workshop at age 15. Dr. Charles Bernhardt took me under his wing during that weekend, sparking my inner knowledge, acknowledging my gifts, and masterfully prompting me to re-member the connectivity that I grew up feeling in nature and with all beings. That was the beginning of my path to self awareness.

I was born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Molokai, steeped in the the richness of Hawaiian multi-culture. Hawaii had just become a State, and there was jubilance and unrest in the collective psyche of the islands. That dichotomy still exists today, in the islands and in me.

I have since become an amalgam of my many teachers, the most impactful being: Kindy Sproat, Brugh Joy, Maria Elena Cairo, Mitsuo Aoki, and Terrance McKenna.


Zelie’s CD – Hu! Healing Music

Singer and composer Zelie’s album of originals including Hawaiian compositions is available here.

To buy the cd – HU! ~ to rise, pour forth, effervesce, click here!

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Here is what people are saying about Zelie’s album of original and traditional Hawaiian music:

A daunting, wild feat of heart awakening.
With majestic depth, breadth, range, and variety, Zelie reaches into your soul, calling it to remember the essence of Aloha, and the spirit of the Islands.
A rare, rich gift of authentic nourishment

Zelie is a true voice of the sounds of ancient love for the earth and the water.
Her song Flor is haunting and passionate.
The song Devotion is rich and inspired with yearning.
Her songs of the Hawaiian Islands are authentic and something that is rare to find.
A Hawaiian folk star!

This beautiful CD transports you directly to the Soul of Moloka’i and the heart of Zelie. Her songs are unique, authentic, and soulful, taking you instantly to the depth of your own heart. Zelie’s talent and message are evident in the variety and delivery of these meles, bringing to you the wisdom of the Kupuna and the true spirit of Aloha.”


Email Zelie for an initial consultation…Or text: 808-558-8207

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