Sunrise House Clearing Ritual

Zelie at Sunrise

Zelie Sunrise Ritual

Salt Cleansing Ritual #1

Just before sunrise, (starting in the east corner) circumambulate the house tossing sprinkles of salt and offering prayers for the things you want to come to fruition while in that house, and of course gratitude for the house. Timing it so the sun is just rising as you are completing the circumambulation (ending in the east corner at sunrise). Watching the sunrise in reverence & gratitude.

Salt Cleansing Ritual #2

In little bowls place salt and put them in each corner of each room of the interior of the house (offering the same prayers as above). Leave them for 7 days. After 7 days pour them in the different drains in your house along with running water clearing all the pipes too. Offer prayers of letting go/cleansing while doing this. A sunrise/sunset timing would be appropriate for this one…placing the bowls at sunrise and releasing at sunset 7 days later.

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